Diagnostic of the couple

Diagnostic – Women

  • Hormone analytic: checking if there are any issues with your hormones. This analytic is always made between the third and fifth day of your period. It is important, that you call us on your first day of your period, so we can make an appointment with you. Those results can show us if you might have hormone issues, like PCO-Syndrome or issues with your thyroid. You also have the option to check your AMH (Anti-Müller-Hormone) which shows us how much ova reserve you have left.
  • Elimination of the PCO-Syndrome: A women with PCOS produces too many male hormones. It is important to optimize the metabolism which can take a few month till the first results are showing.
  • Transvaginal ultrasound to check for organic abnormalities: ovaries, oviduct or malformation of the uterus or fibrosis etc.
  • Laparoscopy: to check the continuity of your ovaries, to remove a fibrosis or endometriosis. Mr. Woriedh will do this surgery by himself at the St. Anna Hospital in Bad Cannstatt. With this method we have the benefit to be able to already remove problems like endometriosis or a fibroids right away.
  • Diagnostic Hysteroscopy: to remove septa, fibroids or polyps and gluing or other abnormalities around the cervix or the uterine cavity.
  • Echo-Vist: this examination is made via ultrasound. We can check with a sugar liquid in the ultrasound for organic abnormalities: ovaries, oviduct or malformation of the uterus or fibrosis etc. With this method we have the benefit that we do not need any anesthesia.
  • Testing for infections: different types of infections can lower the chance to become pregnant or increase the risk during a pregnancy. Because of that we have to check you and give you medication when needed, before starting the fertility therapy.
  • Testing for implantation failure or habitable aborts: an implantation failure (for example when you already went through an IVF therapy without success) or habitable aborts should be tested before we start another fertility therapy.

Diagnostic – Men

  • Semen analysis: You can also do a semen analysis in our office. This shows us the quality of your sperms. If we find something suspicious we will send you to your urologist, so he can make further tests and start a treatment if needed. If you do not have an urologist yet, we will send you to our cooperation partners U2 Urology Dr. med. Frank Gropengießer and Dr. med. Rober Grueber.
  • Testicular biopsy: if we cannot find enough sperms in the ejaculate we have to do a testicular biopsy. With this we Intervention we have a 75% chance to find sperms. This intervention will be combined with the ICSI. The biopsy is a small surgery.

Human genetic tests

  • With a really bad semen analysis, a heavy Oligozoospermia (<5 million / ml), Cryptozoospermia or Azoospermia (no sperm in seminal fluid, we should do a human genetic diagnostic and test of both partners before the ICSI.