Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening

What changes in 2020?

The program of the cancer screening will change in 2020. The social health insurance will pay only every three years the PAP and HPV test for women over 35 years. Women between 20 and 34 can do the PAP screening every year.

Individual tests:

Besides the test your social health insurance is paying, you also have the option to do other tests in our office which you have to pay by yourself (IGEL).
Those tests have to be useful and are here for you to be safer about your health status.

What your health insurance pays till the end of 2019:

From 20 years:

  • Survey of prehistory
  • Mirror setting of the cermand
  • Pap Test
  • Gynaecological touch examination

From 30 years:

  • Touch examination of the breasts and lymphknots

From 50 years:

  • Checks of the rectum
  • Test if there is blood in your excrement
  • Mammopgraphy all two years till you turn 70.

From 55 years:

  • Test if there is blood in your excrement or Intestinal mirroring every two years. If they find something your insurance covers of course everything else they have to test afterwards.

Test you can do in our office, which are not covered by your social health insurance:

  • Ultrasound checks of your uterus and ovaries
  • Ultrasound checks of your breasts
  • Thin prep test
  • Blood tests in general (vitamins, HIV, etc.)
  • Smear samples in general (HPV, etc.)