We do all of the common fertility methods in our office. From optimizing the natural cycle, to assisted fertility till the IVF – in vitro fertility.

Natural methods:

  • Optimizing of the hormone, thyroid, PCOS, luteum and other hormone issues.
  • Optimizing of the metabolism with nutrions and metformin therapy
  • Optimizing of a possibly mineral and vitamin inefficient.

Reproductive medicine methods:

  • Hormone stimulation
  • Insemination in the spontan cycle or stimulate cycle.
  • follicular puncture in the natural cycle
  • in-vitro-fertilisation IVF
  • intracytoplasmatische sperminjection ICSI
  • Blastozystculture
  • Freezing of the ovum (kryoconservation), testicular tissue and sperms
  • Social Freezing
  • Assisted Hatching
  • EmbryoGlue