Everything about pregnancy

Dear Patient,
congratulations, you are pregnant!

An exciting and interesting time is ahead of you! We, the team is going to support you in this time.

“The obligation program”
(All the things your social insurance is covering and paying!)

  • Gynecologist testing
  • Exclusion of a chlamydia infection
  • Blood tests
  • Diabetes screening
  • Ultrasound checks (3 times)

Ultrasound check-ups (healths insurance):

Your social insurance covers three ultrasound checks during your whole pregnancy. You can find them on page 10&11 and Page 26&27 in your Motherpass.
These ultrasound check-ups have the following goals:

  • To check the exact age of the baby
  • To check the development of the baby.
  • Searching for abnormalities
  • To see if it would be a multiple pregnancy.

The ultrasound controls are in the following weeks:

1.   Screening 8+0 till 11+6 pregnancy week.
2. Screening 18+0 till 21+6 pregnancy week.
3.  Screening 28+0 till 31+6 pregnancy week.

To check regular is important to find possible abnormalities. You also have the option to do extra tests which are not covered by the social insurance.

Individual tests:

  • Blood tests:
  • Toxoplasmose screening (from the 5th pregnancy week)
  • Screening of marigold rubella (from the 5th pregnancy week)
  • Screening of varicella(from the 5th pregnancy week)
  • Neck fold measurement:
    Does my child has the Down-Syndrome? Between the 11th and 14th pregnancy week we can test via ultrasound if your child has the Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21).

Extra Ultrasound tests:

  • You have the option to do extra ultrasound controls beside the ones you will get payed by the social health insurance. You can do them anytime.
  • We also do the 3D and 4D ultrasounds. The best time for that is between the 24th and 28th week. With the 3D ultrasound you will be able to see a threedimensional picture of your baby. If the baby lays weird, it is sometimes not possible to make an ultrasound. If that happens we will schedule a new appointment with you (for free).


The Harmony test is a genetic test which is done through the woman’s blood. With this test we can see if your child may has Trisomy 21, 18, 13 or another chromosome issue. You can find more information about this test on the Cenata website!

Your Motherpass:

We will document all of the important test results in your Motherpass. It is very important that you ALWAYS have it with you. In the case of an emergency, everybody will know that you are pregnant and can treat you the right way.
For the check-up six to eight weeks after the birth you have to bring your mother pass as well with you!


Our clinic works the midwife office “Herzallerliebst”

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