First meeting

First meeting

Most important is that you are feeling taken care of.

M. Woriedh

We are going to take the time we need with you, to talk about everything. Because of that we are planning enough time for your appointment.

Treatments like this can take a long time. We understand that it can be difficult for you to plan this with your job. Because of that we are trying to be flexible with the appointments in the morning or in the evening.

Since we want to concentrate on the fertility therapy it is important, that we work close with your gynecologist. Your gynecologist will keep checking you regularly.

At your first appointment in the office, we will talk with you about how long you have been trying to become pregnant, how regularly your cycles are and if you already went through a fertility therapy or had a surgery.

With this information we can figure out what is the cause of your childlessness. We have to check both partners on possible causes.

For this we will check the hormones of the women and the sperms of the men. If you already have these kind of results from your gynecologist or your urologist, please bring them with you.

Since the first appointment will give you a lot of information, we recommend to note all your questions.